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Welcome to our wedding info page

Firstly, if you are visiting this page, Congratulations on your engagement. Here at Forest Walk Venue we have all the elements to make your wedding a real special occasion.

We work on a venue hire fee, which works on a package base, the 3 different packages listed at the bottom, are 3 different venue hire prices and each package includes different décor options. Any of these packages can be chosen anytime of the year.

We also have a Winter Wonderland Special as well as a Rustic Forest Special different months of the year.

The best would be to contact our offices for an in depth document, as to what is included and what the price is for each specific package.

Secondly, we have a price per head for Catering, this price will depend on the menu choice that you would like on your wedding. We have some sample menus under our food & drinks list, but we also have some more menus, as well as a Harvest Table for your guests to enjoy while you are taking photos.

We also have wide Variety list of welcoming drinks, wine list for wine or champagne on tables or a variety of cocktails to choose from.

We are also linked to The Orchards Guest house for accommodation for you as a couple or for your guests, making accommodation within


walking distance. Our team can also assist with draping prices inside chapel or reception hall which is being done in-house, should the


package not include the draping.


Our offices can also assist with a suppliers list of everything that is not done in-house, to guide couples with cakes, decor, pastors, photographers etc.

If any additional info is needed please don't hesitate to contact our offices

We hope that your wedding planning is a joyful experience.

Winter Wonderland Package
     Rustic Forest Package
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