Below is 3 menu samples to give an idea of our menus. Please enquire at our office for more menus

Best of Both Menu 2021

Starters: (plated)

( choice of 1)

Mini chicken mayo wraps

Biltong, strawberry & pineapple salad

Creamy butternut & biltong soup served with cocktail rolls

Mini bacon & cheese garlic bread

Deep fried potato balls filled with bacon &

cheese served with BBQ sauce

Crumbed mushrooms served with 1000 island or tartar sauce

Chicken livers in a mild creamy sauce

Main Buffet

(choice of 3)

Crispy pork served with a mustard or apple sauce

Beef Goulash

Roast beef served with mushroom or pepper sauce

Beef or Chicken Lasagna

BBQ Chicken pieces

Natal beef or chicken curry

Gammon served with apple or mustard sauce

Hake bake

Sweet & sour chicken casserole



(choice of 2)

Savoury yellow rice

Creamy potato bake

Pasta (macaroni or shells)

Fondant potatoes 



(choice of 2)

Maple glazed pumpkin

Sweet potato mash

Cauliflower & Brocolli bake

Green beans & potato mash

Creamed spinach



(choice of 1)

Greek salad, beetroot or pasta


Dessert - Plated

(choice of 1)

Chocolate volcano served with ice cream

Panna Cotta

Creme Brulee

3 x traditional mini desserts - milktarts, eclairs & koeksisters

Tea & coffee also served with our menu

Spitbraai 2021 Menu


Starters: (plated) - choose 1

BBQ Chicken wings served with garlic bread


Boerewors & bacon kebab served on caramelized

onions with chutney sauce on the side


Mini Bacon & Cheese Garlic Bread


Main: (From the spit)

(choose 3 of the following)

Prime baron of beef served with either mushroom or pepper sauce

Crispy pork served with either mustard or apple sauce

Tender Karoo Lamb served with a mint & Cranberry


Lemon & Herb basted Chicken pieces

Succulent Gammon served with apple or mustard sauce


All meats accompanied with roast onion gravy


Freshly baked cocktail rolls & butter



(Choose two of the following)

Savoury yellow rice

Herby baby potatoes

Pap & sauce


Creamy Potato Bake



(Choose two of the following)

Sweet Pumpkin & baby onion Skewers

Sweet carrot rondels

Green beans with mashed potatoes

Corn on the cob with melted butter

Roasted mixed vegetables

Creamed Spinach

Cauliflower & Broccoli Bake

Pumpkin Fritters served with caramel sauce

Baby Marrow, Patty Pans, Mushrooms, Peppers & Tomato Skewers



(Choose 1 of the following)

Build your own Traditional Greek Salad with salad dressing

Beetroot salad



Dessert buffet

(Choose any three of the following)

Medley of fresh fruit salad and cream

Sherry Trifle

Malva pudding & custard

Mini apple crumble

Delicious chocolate mousse

Ice cream & chocolate sauce

Mini milk tarts

Berry Mousse

Mini Lemon Cheesecakes


Tea & Coffee available with the menu

Gold Buffet Menu 2021

Starters - Plated

(Choice of 1)

Creamy French onion soup served with a pancetta a chervil roulade – topped with toasted ale and garlic ciabatta wedge


Traditional salad caprese

Layers of tomato and mozzarella rounds with a drizzle of basil pesto


Greek salad

Platter with mixed lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, creamy feta and olives, mixed peppers, and cucumber with vinaigrette, French and herb dressing on the side


Marie rose crepes

Chive crepes filled with crab sticks, shrimps in a seafood cocktail sauce and fresh coriander


Grilled chicken and honey glazed sweet potato phyllo parcels:

Strips of grilled chicken tossed in extra virgin olive oil and chopped Italian parsley, mixed with honey roasted sweet potatoes and feta cubes on a bed of baby spinach leaves, garnished with roasted red onion and fresh herbs


Main course (choose 4) - Buffet


Fillet of chicken wellington

Chicken breasts are topped with a combination of cream cheese, olives, pepper dew then wrapped in puff pastry lattice

Chicken roulade

Rolled chicken breast stuffed with spinach and creamy feta


Stuffed chicken breasts

Chicken breast stuffed with sundried tomato, feta & pesto served with ravioli & burnt butter sauce

Fish fillets

Served with secret lemon cream sauce

Grilled linefish

Cajun spiced linefish with chilli salsa

Roast beef

Aromatic roasted and thinly sliced beef with natural juices and rosemary sauce

Beef wellington

Beef sirloin wrapped in chicken liver pate, spinach and a pastry lattice


Lamb souvlaki

Pan fried lamb cubes served with a rosemary and shallot jus

Moroccan chicken

a casserole with fragrant spices, sweet potato and butternut


Traditional “cape malay” chicken curry

Mild aromatic curry accompanied variety of sambals, this distinctive and tasty authentic curry relies heavenly on the special blend of spices


Grilled prawn and spicy coconut curry

Redolent with the sweetness of coconut and generously spiced


Beef stroganoff

Beef strips in a creamy mushroom and pepper sauce


Beef bourginonne

Boneless beef stew with baby onions and button mushrooms


Cantonese beef

Hot and sour sticky short rib casserole


 Aromatic lamb curry

Traditional mild curry made with lamb knuckles & vegetables


Port o’ natal

A mild boneless Durban beef curry accompanied by sambals


Starch (choose 2)

Secret spicy rice with peppers

Aromatic basmati rice

Wild rice pilaf

Herbed mash potatoes

Baby potatoes in parsley butter

Sauté potatoes

Creamy potato gratin

Cous cous with garlic and olives topped with crumbed feta



Sauteed Baby Marrow in a tomato and onion base

Butternut & Feta Mash

Steamed seasonal vegetables tossed in a parsley butter

Green beans with saute onions

Sweet Julienne Carrots

Chickpea and lentils casserole

Cauliflower & Broccoli Bake

Baby marrow Gratin


Dessert (Choose 1) - plated


Chocolate Mousse with sponge base served with cream

Blueberry cheese cake with a coulis sauce

Rustic cherry tart served with a hazelnut caramel served with ginger tullies

Strawberry Charlotte with vanilla sauce

Pear Willim swiss roll with Custard




A Selection of mini pastries and confectionaries:


Mini chocolate eclairs, ini milk tarts,Mini lemon creams,

Mini apple crumble,mini cheese cakes,mini pecan nut tartlets,mini fruit tartlets


Coffee & tea available with menu

We also cater for halaal & vegetarian. We also have wide range of platters,canapes & other menus